We begin with the concept and then the development of the idea to create a packaging based on the requests of our customers.


Creative brain storming phases are important in all those cases in which the customer asks us to design and work on a packaging that is appropriate for a new or already existing product. It also proves useful in 3rd party production of an already defined project where a detailed study of the product can be functional for resolution of existing problems.

We design and develop prototypes considering technical feasibility and giving value prioritizing design and innovation. 


Evaluating feasibility versus product costs through the use of 3D project development, we rapidly propose to our customer a tangible execution of the idea, also supplying an initial economic estimate. With respect to the choice of materials, we offer our experience in the use of polymers such as PP, PET, PST, loaded PP, HDPE, LDPE, SURLYN and we can also evaluate ad hoc solutions through the use of latest generation or experimental materials. 


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After an initial research phase, we choose the best materials and produce the agreed quantities, executing accurate quality control on the output.


The modern and technologically advanced structure as well as the identification of the appropriate materials permits us to create a sophisticated packaging for the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and technical-industrial communities. The principal production processes we utilize are injection, blow molding and iron-blow molding. With regard to the finishing of the articles produced, we apply hot printing, tampographics, serigraphics, ticketing, metallic and other specific treatments upon request.

We manage the complete process through assemby and packaging, executing the appropriate certified quality control.  


We monitor and plan production with the customer to satisfy all demands of the market. Our company follows all the phases of production planning based upon market requirements and is continuously involved in the direct control of the flow of goods from both the logistics and transportation viewpoints. We manage orders and foreign shipments (in recent years primarily to Poland, Canada, Germany, Russia, Australia and South Africa) with references from the largest companies within our reference markets.

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