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The company

Asso Plast Srl is a family-run business, founded in 1987 in Voghera (a city located in the Lombardy region), from the experience and passion linked to the world of plastic by Bruna and Franco Torti .

In the 90s our production is aimed primarily at the cosmetic industry market, bottles, caps, containers for creams and liquids are printed for large international groups. Customers such as Lancaster Group, Biotherm, Christian Dior, Coty-Astor, Guaber, Intercosme West, Thalgo, Davidoff Cool-Water, Monteil Cosmetics and Morris Profumi entrust us with part of the production.

We undertake high-level studies in the field of the conception and development of new packaging solutions, aimed at satisfying the demands of customers in the cosmetics industry, where the elegance of design and details play an important role.

esterno asso plast

Over the years, our production is expanded to the food and pharmaceutical industry. We developed and produced containers that were attractive but above all functional for the products they were intended to safeguard. Food must be valued and of course stored in the correct way and this field of experimentation often represents a challenge for plastics. We study solutions capable of satisfying customers such as Ferrero, Artsana, Nestlè and Socado.


In recent years, the field of technical articles also represents a part of production, developing projects in which the care of the finishes and the use of diversified raw materials are fundamental for the function and the resistance of the object and technical components. Among the customers with whom we establish a long-lasting working relationship are PNR Italia and Aquaria .



Currently the production unit and the warehouse occupy a production site for a total of approximately 3000 m² .

The fleet of presses from 65 to 350 tons allows us to respond to very diversified quality and quantity requests.

The cooling system is centralized through a free-cooler system which ensures that in the various seasons (hot and cold) one free-cooler cools the molds, the other continues to cool the hydraulic circuits of the presses, allowing greater efficiency, energy savings and the ability to maintain a constant temperature all year round. The production, monitored by microprocessors, is managed in complete automation. The equipment of robots and automatic manipulators ensures perfect hygiene and the absence of fingerprints of any kind on the packaging.

we produce respecting the environment


Each machine is equipped with aspirators that purify the air of the production area, in order to maintain a quality suitable for the environment, both for those who work in contact with the presses and for the molded pieces. Our procedures are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 by Bureau Veritas.


Separate collection is arranged in every part of the plant, in compliance with current regulations aimed at greater awareness regarding the recycling of plastic .

For the disposal of all types of waste we rely on specialized companies and we work trying to minimize the environmental impact.

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