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the Design is not just what it looks like, and feels like. the Design is how it works.
Steve Jobs

not just packaging


For over 30 years we have been dealing with packaging, that element that fully enhances a product, fundamental for its marketing. The study and construction of a plastic casing is a delicate process, which takes into account multiple variables and only experience and continuous research helps us make the most suitable choices for the situation and advise the customer.

We follow all the phases for the creation of plastic components for different sectors: from cosmetics, to food, up to the production of technical and pharmaceutical items .


Regarding the choice of raw materials we offer our experience in the use of polymers such as PP, PET, PST, filled PP, HDPE, LDPE, SURLYN and we can study ad hoc solutions through the use of latest generation or recycled materials such as R-PE and R-PET.

We also use 3D printing in the prototyping phase, to make the idea tangible to the customer in a short time.

materia prima granuli


For us each printed piece is in the spotlight, we take care of every detail, including packaging for shipping.

Over the years we had the opportunity to work with leading companies in the food sector, for which we have studied ad hoc improvement solutions for products already existing on the market.

Times change and evolve, but there is always a careful human quality control on the goods, to guarantee the customer unparalleled reliability.

molding processes

The main production processes we use are injection, blow molding and stretch blow molding. For the finishing of the articles, we apply hot stamping, pad printing, screen printing, labeling, metallization and other special treatments at the customer's request.

We manage orders and shipments abroad (in recent years mainly with Poland, Canada, Germany, Russia, Australia, and South Africa) with references among the largest companies in the sector.


OUR works

A roundup of some of our most representative works in the various product sectors: cosmetics, food, technical or research articles and pharmaceuticals.

cosmetica asso plast


Over the years we have gained experience in molding caps for large beauty & wellness companies.

vasi PET asso plast

PET jars

Different solutions of transparent PET jars with various designs and sizes.

Tappi_colorati asso plast

Caps for sprays and containers

Suitable for different product fields, they are versatile and customizable with hot stamping, labeling and other types of finishes.

articoli tecnici stampati - asso plast

technical and pharmaceutical articles

Some works designed specifically for companies operating in the industry, research and pharmaceutical sector.

nutellino_30g-asso plast

Food & ICOn brand

Specific products for the food sector for important brands of Italian excellence in the world.